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Access to quality education is a basic human and civil right. 
The powerful inclination to achieve!  

ALL students have equal access to the highest quality education preparing them to meet 21st century challenges.


"Anyone can want the world to change. Only those that act will succeed.” ​(Inscribed on Aruban Government Building – Oranjestad, Aruba)

Based on local priorities, we provide varied expertise in organizational development and capacity building; including strategic planning, cultural transformation and community investment.  From policy development to engaging student voice, from search services to interim services, EEI can meet your needs and help to accelerate the pace of goal attainment.

EEI's wider social mission is to advocate for international quality standards in education and, most critically, assurances that ALL learners have the opportunity to achieve those standards.​ We provide comprehensive support to schools, school districts, state and local governmental community agencies and local community interests in their endeavor to prepare the 21st century learner.

​Leadership consultant services and products focused on transformative thinking, innovation, ethics and equity.