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​EOS (Equal Opportunity Schools)

​Dr. John Ramos serves as superintendent-in-residence on the Strategic Initiatives team of Seattle-based EOS. 

SEE (School for Ethical Education)
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The social identity wheel was a valuable activity [which] offered insight and perspective into privilege in regards to our student population, as well as what we all prioritize in various ways, based on experiences and backgrounds.

- Cultivating Safe Spaces Workshop Participant, 2019

“[He] knows that transformation of the magnitude required demands more than professional development and instructional reform.  He recognizes that this transformation demands courageously addressing the root of the word ‘administer’: to minister service. The service required involves going beyond the boundaries of school buildings and the district office by reaching out to students and their families in their home environments, demonstrating a fearless commitment to connect with their lives in order to engage them.  [He] garners the support needed for this service to bear fruit through community advocacy.”

- Dr. Yvette Jackson, The Pedagogy of Confidence; regarding Dr. Ramos


EEI provides comprehensive support to government and community agencies, colleges and universities, school districts, schools and communities in their endeavor to prepare the 21st century learner.

Based on local priorities, we provide varied expertise in organizational development and capacity building; including strategic planning, cultural transformation and community investment.  From policy development to engaging student voice, from search services to interim services, EEI can meet your needs and help to accelerate the pace of goal attainment.

we believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client.

  • We believe in the integrity of every individual.
  • We believe that ALL human beings have a right to quality education.​
  • We believe that equity and excellence are inextricably tied together.



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Dr. John Ramos, Sr., a longtime champion of equity and excellence, began his career in the social service sector as a program developer and instructor at the Opportunities Industrialization Center, and Director of Education and Employment at the Urban League.  After a brief foray into banking, Dr. Ramos dedicated his career to institutional capacity-building in public and private sector organizations at the local, state, national, university and international levels.

Dr. Ramos has been recognized as a visionary leader, a change agent and an organizational healer due to his successes in repairing and mending the social fabric, expectations and coherence necessary for an organization to maintain a healthy functional state, especially following crises or setbacks. Dr. Ramos has served as the Deputy Commissioner of Education in the State of Connecticut, and the Superintendent of Schools in both Watertown, CT and Bridgeport, CT - the largest city in the state of Connecticut - and Interim Superintendent of Groton, CT. He then took on the role of Principal/CEO at Middle East International School in Qatar, focusing on the achievement of US accreditation. After 2 years in the Middle East, he returned stateside to serve as Superintendent of the School District of South Orange and Maplewood in New Jersey.

​Dr. Ramos is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of Rhode Island, the Ethics in Education Award from the Connecticut School of Ethical Education, the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. International Award from the State of Israel, the Living Waters Award from the United Church of Christ, Connecticut Conference and a graduate of Leadership Rhode Island and the Norwalk Community Leadership Institute. Various schools under his stewardship have been cited for National School Change, U.S. Blue Ribbon, and community and foundation distinctions, as well. 

Respected for his inspirational human relations and communication skills, Dr. Ramos has engaged colleagues and stakeholders in multifaceted venues.  Results of his insightful report, “Closing the Gap: The Institutionalization of Learning Communities,” were published by the National Association of Secondary School Principals and remain relevant today.