I  M  P  E  R  A  T  I  V  E

  • DeP (Democratic Engagement Process)
  • KIVA (a human technology)
  • Social Compacts

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Whether it’s pursuing new directions during difficult financial times or maintaining focus during times of success, stakeholders and/or culture often need to be inspired and sometimes need to be healed. 
At times, your constant message needs to be reinforced by a critical friend, parents need to be better engaged, or students need to take more responsibility for their education.  A message of possibility or practical strategies can go a long way towards moving your learning community’s agenda!
Founder, Dr. John Ramos, Sr.


EEI provides comprehensive support to government and community agencies, colleges and universities, school districts, schools and communities in their endeavor to prepare the 21st century learner.

Based on local priorities, we provide varied expertise in organizational development and capacity building; including strategic planning, cultural transformation and community investment.  From policy development to engaging student voice, from search services to interim services, EEI can meet your needs and help to accelerate the pace of goal attainment.

Our Services



  • We believe in the integrity of every individual.
  • We believe that ALL human beings have a right to quality education.
  • We believe that equity and excellence are inextricably tied together.

Our Values

In consultation with you, we provide the following services:

  • Leadership engagement
  • Organizational assessments and transformational mapping
  • Collaborative strategic planning and community engagement
  • Interpretation of theory into practice
  • Development opportunities for staff, students, parents and/or other stakeholders in:
    • Personal dynamics and accountability 
    • Race
  • Professional executive searches and interim engagements ​

Our Mission